1. Record Your Memories Along the Way! I encourage EVERYONE to buy a journal before leaving and use it to write down what you did each day. Some other things to add to the scrapbook: receipts, business cards, photos, maps, even ice cream napkins! After your journey, you will have a full scrapbook full of memories of the places you have visited

2. Learn the History of Your Destination РWherever you are traveling to, take the time to learn about the history of the city/town/country. I made the mistake of going to the Palace of Versailles without knowing the history behind it! I assure you,  you will have more of an appreciation for the destination if you take the time to learn its history!

3. Get Off the Beaten Path РIconic tourist attractions are stunning and there are lots to check out but my favourite destinations have been the ones less heard of!

4. Be Spontaneous – You do not need to plan your entire itinerary before departure! Take the time to tour your destination before planning your daily activities. I’ve learned that it’s the spontaneous days that turn out to be the best and most memorable days!

5. Try New Foods – I admit, I am a fussy eater. But when it comes to traveling, I love to try new foods! It adds to the overall experience of the trip!

6. Take the Night Train! – Booking a cabin on a night train allows you to arrive at your destination bright and early without having to pay extra costs for hotels.