Friday afternoon a couple girls and I decided we should take off for the weekend, so we booked a bus to Vienna that was leaving in 2 hours! We finished our classes for the day, packed a bag, and took off for the capital city of Austria! We travelled with Flixbus, it was about 15 EUR each way and took only 2 hours and 20 minutes to get to Vienna. By 7 pm we arrived at our hostel, not far from the city center. Friday night we explored downtown Vienna and its nightlife.

Saturday morning, we went on a walking tour of Vienna to check out the main sightseeing locations. Vienna has many impressive buildings and gardens. They also have many shops… which the girls and I could not ignore. We spent the afternoon wandering through the city, stopping at shops, tourist sites, and the famous, St. Stephen’s Cathedral! We decided to hike up 343 stairs to the top of the St. Stephen tower. It was exhausting but totally worth the 360 view!

On Sunday, we stopped at a couple more tourist sites and then went to Prater park! This is a major tourist attraction in Vienna, it is an amusement park located in the city. I went on a couple rides, one of them was called the “Free Fall Tower,” which is 85 meters high. I was up for the thrill until I was buckled in and on my way to the top. It was a wet and cold day, Lucy and I were the only ones on the ride. We got to the top and it was REALLY HIGH, the ride started spinning to give us a 360 view of Vienna, but it was hard to enjoy because we were terrified! The countdown started and then we plummeted 85 meters! We came to a quick stop at the bottom and were happy to be back on the ground!

After supper, it was time to cheap out of our hostel and board the bus back to Graz! It was a quick visit to Vienna, a night weekend to get away with the girls!

Lucy, Liana, Me, Maja, Eva