In order to obtain my Student Visa to allow me to stay in Europe longer than 90 days, I opted to sign up for an organized trip to the Austrian Embassy in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The day did not start out very well… I overslept and woke up 10 minutes before the bus left. When we arrived about 2hrs later, I realized I had forgotten to bring a photo of myself for the visa and 100 EUR cash for the fee. The other students obtaining their visas were in and out of the embassy no problem! But I had to find an ATM and a professional photoshop in a city I am never visited! Luckily, Ljubljana is not that big of a city, I wandered down the main alleyways towards to the city center.

Along the way, I found a photoshop and an ATM! It took about 30 minutes to get the photo printed. While I waited I had a quick breakfast at McDonald’s. I returned to the Austrian Embassy to hand in the photo and pay for the visa. The people working at the Embassy were very patient and kind! They told me I would have my Student Visa within a couple of hours! This was great news! By 12:00 pm I had the Student Visa, what a relief! It was a stressful morning, but I managed to navigate through the city and back to Austrian Embassy 3 times, so I would say it was a success! 

Our group then travelled to Trieste, Italy, to spend the night by the beach! The next day we returned to Ljubljana to spend the afternoon before heading back to Graz. My second visit to Ljubljana was much more relaxing than the day before. I was able to tour the city, check out some street art, main sightseeing destinations and walk through the market where they were having a food festival! There were loads of free samples.