The Aufsteirern festival celebrates Styria, the south-eastern part of Austria. The festival takes place in the capital of Styria, Graz. From September 15th -17th the city centre fills will Styrian people celebrating their culture. People come to the festival wearing traditional Styrian clothing. The festival offers music, dance, fashion show, and traditional drinks and food!

On Friday evening I attended the Aufsteirern fashion show! It was my first fashion show ever, so I thought it was very entertaining. The clothes were all Styrian inspired, some traditional and some more modern. While Sabrina, Loletta, and I watched the fashion show we had a traditional drink called Red Sturm. This drink is only available during the months of September and October!


On Sunday, a group of us from the house went to the main events in the city centre. Hauptplatz was packed full of festivity! There were performances on the main stage all day, with lots of seating for people to enjoy traditional drinks and food while watching! We walked around the streets and alleys where multiple booths were set up, similar to a market. We tried on some traditional wear, had a bit to eat and stopped to listen to live bands playing in the streets.

The Aufsteirern festival is something I had never heard until I arrived in Graz. I was actually planning on going on a weekend trip but I’m glad I cancelled my trip to attend the Aufsteirern festival! I really enjoyed being apart of the biggest Styrian festival of the year!


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