After German class yesterday, a couple housemates and I spontaneously decided to go on an adventure to Schöckl mountain! We hopped on the bus and within 40 minutes we were at the bottom of the mountain. You can hike this mountain, it takes about 1 -1 ½ hours, but we took the gondola instead!

“I spy Graz!”

At the top of the mountain, there are multiple restaurants, parks, hiking trails, biking trails, and a summer toboggan ride. They also offer paragliding! (which I really want to do!) We started by walking the trails on the top of the mountain. One trail brought us to a playground with COWS! I thought it was hilarious that the cows were hanging out on the playground.

We continued on the trail to an open field that over looked the city of Graz and farmland. It was beautiful! After about an hour of wandering around on the top of the mountain, we decided to go on the toboggan ride! It was a blast! I was going so fast my eyes started to water! I went a couple times, trying to go a little faster each time.

By 5:00 pm we boarded the bus back to Graz. I am so happy I took part in this spontaneous excursion!

Photos by Dan Culter