Schlossberg is Well Worth the Hike!

My absolute favourite place I have visited so far is located only a 10-minute walk away from my apartment in Graz! Schlossberg is small fortress at the top of a small mountain in the middle of the city. Today it is a public park that offers a 360 view of Graz. There are multiple restaurants and bars at the top; perfect for sitting down with a beer to enjoy the view!

My mom and I went to Schlossberg when we first arrived in Graz, we enjoyed it so much that we went back before she headed home! The first time we went we hiked up the small mountain, it was harder than expected, but we stopped along the way to admire the view! There is also a beautiful lookout near the iconic Clock Tower, located half way up the mountain. Once at the top, we had some drinks at a beer garden and ordered pasta.

The second time we went up we decided to take the elevator so we could make it up in time to catch the sunset. The elevator costs only 1.50 Euros, but I definitely recommend climbing to the top at least once! When we arrived at the beer garden a band was setting up. We grabbed a seat overlooking the city, ordered a beer, and enjoyed the live band! The band mostly played German songs, but mom and I recognized a couple of them, one of them being a Bryan Adams song. We stayed for a couple hours and did not want to leave, it was such a great night! The perfect night for my moms last night in Graz.

Live Band in Beer Garden at Schlossberg

Schlossberg is just down the street so I hope to visit it as often as possible!

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